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By | February 12, 2021

How to Mix the Perfect Drink

Mixing the perfect drink is more challenging than you imagine even though you may have seen bartenders and several mixologists pull it in a couple of minutes here! The craft of mixing a perfect drink is not one you can master by just looking but rather one to be learned on this website. Creating a perfect drink comes with tons of fun especially at home but professional results come only after being trained. You should view here for the useful tips for mixing the perfect drink.

Don’t make the same mistake that most people do by running out to buy thousands of dollars worth of supply and tools to put together a great drink; just four or five basic tools like a cocktail shaker are the things you need to mix the perfect drink. The rule of starting with the basics applies to the ingredients too; you only need to focus on one or two spirits you enjoy then add a few flavorful liquors to come up with the type of drink you have in mind.

Among the tips for mixing a great drink, not overdoing things is the one to remember always; if you keep the whole process simple and fun, you will be surprised by the quality of drink you will come up with. To come up with a perfect drink, forget about the high-end ingredients and focus on the mixing technique; go through the recipe carefully, assemble the ingredients and equipment so you are ready to start mixing.

How you stir or shake the drink you are mixing is just as important as all the ingredients you are putting into it; failure here means poor quality results. Over mixing is the most common mistake among bartenders and mixologists, most of the time resulting in a drink with a diluted flavor; remember less ice is always more and keep the mixing to a minimal. Even if you have mixed up something super basic, don’t forget to top it with garnish to boost your professional presentation.

Sometimes mixing a perfect drink means you have to fresh herbs as a perfect way of adding flavor while keeping your sugar intake and calories in check. Using the drinking ratio is another great way of coming up with a perfect drink; this is how you keep track of the quantity of each ingredient you are adding to the drink you are mixing. You should use the comprehensive guide highlighted above to mix the perfect drink.